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Mizuno: ES21 58° Wedge Steel Right Hand Black Chrome

Mizuno: ES21 58° Wedge Steel Right Hand Black Chrome

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Spin Central:

The ES21 wedges make that a reality by incorporating a higher, more central sweet spot and stable design – not just elevating spin, but maintaining it shot for shot. Made possible by a multi-piece stainless steel construction and Grain Flow Forged face packed into a versatile high toe profile with surprisingly narrow top line.


NOTE: Pictures are of the Actual Item.

  • Specifications:


    9.5 / 10

    Club Type





    58° (8° Bounce)




    Right Hand

    Shaft Material


    Shaft Model

    KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 115 W


    Lamkin ST Hybrid Standard



    Head Cover





  • Condition Ratings:

    New: In Brand New Condition. Club has not been hit. Club may or may not be in original plastic wrap.

    9.5/10: Very slight traces of use. There may be some shop wear, or some light surface scratching on the face and sole from hitting no more than a few balls in the shop or playing a single round of golf. Clubs in this condition will look no different than a new club will look after one or two rounds of use.

    9/10: Very light wear, club used lightly and well taken care of. Most likely used for up to 10 rounds. No visible sky marks or top line chipping. Any smaller dings or paint scratches will be shown in the pictures.

    8/10: Club shows normal signs of moderate use, possibly up to a full season. However, it has been well taken care of. Any light sky marks, bag wear, or paint chipping will be shown in the pictures.

    7/10: Club may have some lighter to moderate sky marks and paint chips along with some lighter bag wear on the shaft. Irons may have some larger dings on the soles or heavier wear on the faces. Any wear, scratches or dings which will be shown in the pictures. Club will play as well as the day it was made despite some cosmetic blemishes

    6/10: Club was most likely heavily used and probably not very well taken care of. Paint chips and sky marks are likely present along with possible bag wear on the shaft. However, they will perform acceptably despite appearance. We will attempt to present the worst of these blemishes in the pictures. These are typically our best bargains.

  • Shipping Details

    • Included on orders over $149.00
    • Shipping Agent:  FedEx Ground, unless notified
    • Ships within 2 business days
    • Delivery - typically 3 to 5 business days
    • SHIPS to CANADA Only
Demo - 9.5/10

PLEASE NOTE: Head covers not automatically included. Check Specifications below

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